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Pana-Chemical is an information provider and trading company specializing in plastic recycling. We sell machines for processing waste plastic and expanded polystyrene (EPS) into a more recyclable form, buy the plastic processed by these machines, and sell or export it as recycled raw material. Our mission as plastic and plastic-recycling specialists is to build a relationship of trust with our customers and shape the future of the plastic recycling industry.


Working with Customers to
Achieve a Circular Economy

Our Achievements



of experience in
recycling resource plastic


Market Share
of EPS recycling in Japan


Metric Tons

per month of plastic purchase record



Recycling machines installed by

Throughout Japan

Several Awards

• 1st Plastic Recycling Council Chairman’s Award
• WASTEC Award 2006
• Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Excellence in Business Award
• Tokyo Association of Shinkin Banks Excellent Company Award

Wide Media Exposure

• TV: NHK, TV Tokyo, TBS, Tokyo MX
• Newspapers: The Nikkei, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, The Chemical Daily
• Magazines: Nikkei Business, Diamond Weekly, Toyo Keizai, Nikkei Ecology
• Poplar Publishing Supplementary Reader
• White Paper on Manufacturing Industries
• Recycling and the World Economy


Resource Plastic Recycling System

More than 40 years ago, Pana-Chemical commercialized a system for waste plastic purchase that is becoming increasingly common today. We have 2000 suppliers throughout Japan and are purchasing as much as 7000 metric tons of plastic every month. Although the market for recycled plastic is changing dramatically, we continue to provide a stable supply of resource plastic with our established supply base. Please contact us if you are considering dealing in resource plastic.

EPS Recycling System

Pana-Chemical’s EPS recycling operation, the first of its kind in Japan, began at the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo in 1978. We have provided recycling machines and bought the compressed EPS blocks produced ever since. Our supply base took decades to cultivate and allows us to provide stable supply. Please contact us if you are considering dealing in recycled EPS.


Sales of Plastic Recycling Machines

We provide a comprehensive system for plastic recycling that encompasses machinery sales and product purchasing to ensure, first and foremost, the efficient operation of our customers’ recycling systems. Although EPS was our initial specialty, we have developed many other types of plastic-recycling machines over the years, and the know-how we gained helped our customers to reduce costs and improve product quality.

Sales of Plastic Raw Materials

Pana-Chemical began as a trading company specializing in resins, originally established by Panasonic as a supplier of plastics and other chemicals. We handle various materials, from thermosetting resins and engineering plastics made by Panasonic to recycled raw materials, of which we can ensure stable supply because of our waste plastic purchasing system.


From Waste Processing to Resource Manufacturing

The environment surrounding plastic recycling is changing with dizzying rapidity globally, and the focus is shifting from quantity to quality. It is now difficult to circulate low-grade used plastic in the global recycling system because it would only pollute the country that imports it.
After consulting with industry leaders, we decided to form the Resource Plastic Association and popularized the term “resource plastic” for high-quality plastic that can be sorted according to its type and directly used in its entirety as a recycled resource.
We aim to improve society’s understanding and perception of recyclers and related businesses by increasing awareness about resource plastic and provide certifications to improve product quality. We believe that our efforts will help to usher in a circular economy and improve the global environment.


Pana-Chemical’s Contributions toward a Circular Economy

Pana-Chemical began as a chemical material distributor for Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (now Panasonic Corporation). In 1973, we began to recycle the EPS being discarded at the Tsukiji Fish Market, and over the years, we have become a recycling specialist that serves 80% of the Japanese EPS recycling market.
As international demand increased, we began to apply our EPS expertise to other plastics, and we have become a trusted supplier of various high-quality recycled plastics in an industry in which good plastic was usually mixed with bad.

Today, the belief that plastic is bad for the environment is spreading, a belief justified in part by the prevalence of low-quality plastic raw materials. However, properly processed plastic is a resource, not garbage, and the trading of resource plastic is an integral part of the modern economy.
We work with specialists to inform our customers about running safe and reliable recycling operations, and we hold seminars and operate websites to provide trustworthy information about plastic recycling. We have also developed a database management program for managing warehouse inventories, creating documents, and tracking international transactions within a unified, transparent system.
Our plan, based on our business philosophy, is to provide information, in addition to products and technology, so that plastic recycling can be carried out properly throughout the industry.


Aim Building, 1-8-3 Kamitakaido, Suginami-Ku, Tokyo
Tel:03-3302-7531(Reception) Fax:03-3306-0096

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